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Post by Admin on Thu Sep 13, 2018 8:09 pm

The Facebook Like/Share/Comment Event is now ACTIVE!

To participate:

⬅️Register: http://www.syberko.org/register
⬅️Download: http://www.syberko.org/download
⬅️Forum: Syberko.Forumotion.com

Like our Facebook Page & our post in Facebook Page
Share this post
Post a comment in this post with your account ID and Char Name.

We will roll the dice and pick up the 3 winners by their post number using this


Event start 13/09/2018 and ends 22/09/2018

Rewards : 1st Place - 900 Knight Cash
Rewards : 2nd Place - 700 Knight Cash
Rewards : 3rd Place - 500 Knight Cash

Good Luck everyone!


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