Application Requirement To Apply For GM & MOD Please Read.

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 Application Requirement To Apply For GM & MOD Please Read.  Empty Application Requirement To Apply For GM & MOD Please Read.

Post by (GM)Athena on Sun Sep 02, 2018 7:02 pm

GameMaster & Moderators Application Form to Apply For a ParadoxKO Staff Position Please Read & Fill out The Application & Answer All the Questions. Only Serious Applications Will Be Read Thank you & Good Luck Smile Regards ParadoxKO Server Owners. B-)

Please use This setup For Posting The Applications, that i will type below If it doesn't Look How Myn is Then It Won't Be Taken Serious Thank you.

Application form Questionnaire.

1. This Application Is To Apply For ;

2. What Is Your Full Name :

3. How Old Are You :

4. Where Are You From example your State / Country :

5. What Kind of Experience have you had being a GM or a MOD :

6. list the servers if You Have Had Past Experience :

7. Are You A People Person Please tell Us In A Brief Description :

8. How Would You Handle Conflict And What Would You Try & Attempt To Do To Resolve It Please Type a Brief Description :

9. How Active Can You Be :

10. Do You Accept & UnderStand The Terms & Conditions And The Code Of Conduct Of The Server & My Rules For Staff Members & Members, new MOD & GM RULES Please Read & Agree To Follow Them :

11. Why Do You Wish To Be Apart Of The Team, Please Type a Brief Description :

12. Please Type a Brief Description & Tell Us abit About Yourself :

13. How Long Have You Played Knight Online For :

14. Will you Be Corrupt And Break The Rules Yes or No ( Must Answer )

Answer Them Questions in the Format Shown Above . When we Come To a Decision about Your Application we will Reply In your Topics That You Create Regards Server Owners Wink Wink


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