In Game Problems please read this Guide

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In Game Problems please read this Guide Empty In Game Problems please read this Guide

Post by (GM)Athena on Mon Aug 06, 2018 8:47 pm

 In Game Problems please read this Guide so we can give you Support.

We Have Made This Topic To Better Help You , aka The Player if any In Game issues arise a few new rules first that you need to know Before You post a problem Topic. Note that these rules will be strictly followed.
Disregarding these rules will result in a closed/removed topic only serious posts please..

1. You should write this Application To Help Resolve your issue we require some details from you. so fill out this Questionnaire.

2. One topic is enough about Your appeal per problem , rest will be closed/removed.

3. Do not spam 'Bump/Up' topics. GameMasters And Administration will look at all the topics and reply and see if we can find a resolution for you.

4. If You try to scam or Try To Abuse this Server or the GM team for items, Then there will be severe consequences For You & Your Account We will not tolerate scamming Us Or trying to Abuse The system and this will result in a punishment.

5. We do not support inter server trades but we will not be able to stop it so We Advise .The Community To do it at your own risk Syber Knight Online will not be held responsible for you selling for usd so be careful who you buy from.
We do not support scamming, be very careful with trading. It's Your own responsibility. We will NOT return any items that you sold and got scammed from.

7. Items lost more than 30 days , won't be restored. if it is a legit loss of item. or a
Hacked/Lost Account.

a few minor details we will need from you before we can continue,

* Account ID:

* all your Chars names on that Account:

Char Name_1

Char Name_2

Char Name_3

* Last time you logged in Game:

* Email address used with the registered account:

* Are you sharing your Account with someone if yes name of person? :

* what Items are missing please list them?:

:* the last Date/time when u lost them or last seen them :

* Explain how you lost them: or what you think might of happened to end up losing items in the first place?


if you experience Bugged Stats please post your
* Account ID:
* Char Name:
* Char Class:

if there is a Clan Bug please give us the

* Clan Leader Name In Game:
* The Bugged Clan Name:

* Bugged Char Name:

Please Use The Correct Layout of This Guide and get Your problem solved faster. Please Note SyberKO has no bugs if any this is just here incase something does come up Syber Administration reserve the right to change this Topic anytime how we see fit Thank you. Wink
SyberKO TeaM .


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