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Post by Admin on Thu Jul 05, 2018 10:33 pm

1-Trade your items with other users only at your own risk!
(You can be scammed and SyberKO will not be responsible for the loss of any item.)

2-Selling or buying accounts is against ZeusKO policy, we will not support any account or item sold or bought.

3-Sharing accounts with others is strictly at your own risk!

4-Cheating will result in a ban!
(This means any kind of koxp,bot, tbl, dupe,bug , glitch and or hacking.)

5-Accusing a user of cheating without 100% proof will result in a 5 day suspension of your account!

6-Report bugs or abuse. Use the forums, We do read them daily.
(Use the pm links!)

7-No racism at all! It will not be tolerated and will lead to a ban if proven.

8-GMs are game masters, don't pretend to be one! (Perm IP range ban.)

9-No advertising of any kind!

10-Asking Game Masters for items is a 3 day ban!

11-Asking to be a game master
1st offence Warning
2nd offence Ban

12-Constant harassment by one user to another will result in
1st offence 5 day mute
2nd offence perm ban

13-Using decent to escape from jail.
1st offence 3 day ban
2nd offence perm ban.

14-Speed glitching = perm ban!

15-Transformation Scroll bug
1st offence 3 day ban
2nd offence 5 day ban
3rd offence perm ban

Respect players and GM's.

SyberKO Team.


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